Herbal Medicine

Wu Shu Acupuncture offers Chinese herbal medicine from our Highland Park, CA and Scottsdale, AZ clinic.

Steps toward ultimate health and balance can be taken with the consumption of Chinese herbs. People have generally come to use Chinese herbal medicine when sickness is present, but it is also a way to prevent diseases. This form of medicine can strengthen the entire body and help maintain imbalances at levels only the body can understand.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescriptions

  • Herbs are customized to individual’s symptoms and condition
  • Sold already prepared in liquid form (no cooking involved)
  • Packaged into pre-measured doses
  • Conveniently ready to be consumed

Licensed acupuncturist Jimmy Liu has a Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Medicine and a Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Jimmy prescribes conveniently packaged herbal medicine to his patients who are simultaneously receiving acupuncture treatments to acquire the maximum level of healing.

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