Wu Shu Acupuncture offers a variety of massage styles from the comfort of our studio in Highland Park. Certified massage therapist Brian Ramisch is an intuitive energy healer who knows the body inside and out. As an honors graduate from National Holistic Institute with rave reviews, he has been dubbed to attend to his clients with the utmost care and investigation.

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Below are the types of massage services that we offer:


Shiatsu is a Japanese style of bodywork based on the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine. Using a combination of finger pressure, compression and stretching, the therapist works along the energy pathways of the body, loosening tight muscles and joints and clearing blockages so that energy can flow freely throughout the body. Fully clothed.

Myofascial Massage

Myofascial is a concentrated technique on a particular group of muscles that you wish to focus on. Using slow and perpendicular pressure on muscle fibers, static trigger point therapy and tense and release (PNF) stretches, adhesions in the muscles and connective tissues are released. This massage is your best choice for rehabilitating injury, releasing chronic muscle tension, increasing range of motion and reducing pain. Partially or fully unclothed.

CranioSacral Therapy

In CST, techniques are used to release restrictions in any tissues influencing the craniosacral system. It is a very relaxing and non-invasive treatment and helps to treat a wide variety of dysfunctions including chronic pain, migraines, injuries, fibromyalgia, problems with the central nervous system and stress related disorders.

Swedish Massage

In a Swedish Massage, the therapist applies oil or lotion to the skin and executes long gliding and kneading strokes on the muscles along with light stretches. This massage is very relaxing and helps promote healthy immune function. It is a full body treatment, and the client is unclothed and draped so that only the body part being worked on is exposed.

Reiki/Energy Treatment

The Energy Treatment is a light, non-invasive, meditative healing session that includes aspects of Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Shiatsu and Sound Therapy. The therapist uses intuition to guide the session, which is very effective in treating physical pain and emotional distress, restoring energetic balance and promoting relaxation. Fully clothed.

Sports Massage

Whether your Sports Massage is for a post-event recovery or a warm-up pre-event, it is great for treating sore or stiff muscles, aching joints, fatigue and promoting range of motion. The Sports Massage incorporates techniques from Shiatsu, Myofascial Massage and Thai Massage and consists of dynamic stretching, joint mobilization, compression and trigger point therapy. Fully Clothed.

Wu Shu Acupuncture also offers  Acupuncture  &  Chinese Herbal Medicine  services.