Kids Kung Fu

Wu Shu Acupuncture and Martial Arts in Highland Park offers Kids Kung Fu for children 4-13 years old. We teach our young students useful skills and values in a loving environment. Our Kids Kung Fu program revolves around integrity, honor, respect, patience, spirit and discipline while attaining mental and physical strength.

Call us at (626) 737-1610 to start our kids Kung Fu program and arrange a free trial class.

Tiny Tigers

ages 4-6

We believe that preschoolers and their transition into elementary school are important years of a child’s development.

The Tiny Tigers Program is an introductory detailed martial arts curriculum that focuses on improving children’s basic motor and listening skills through formal instruction and fun games.









Young Dragons

ages 6-13

In elementary and middle school, kids begin to learn and pick up habits that form the way they perceive their academic education. At this time of major adjustment, it is important that they learn self-discipline and values to do well in school.

The Young Dragons Program is an intermediate martial arts curriculum that focuses on teaching important values and improving children’s mental and physical abilities. The skills taught in our program will help your child enter society with more confidence to make better decisions for their life.








Kids - Tiny Tigers $100 $120
Kids - Young Dragons $100 $120
Students with ID $110 $130
Tai Chi (only)$100$120
kids doing kung-fu

Producing Virtuous Role Models for the Future

Black Belt Character


Doing the right thing even when no one is watching


Respecting your elders


Treating yourself and others with value


Mental and physical self-control


Confidence and determination



Wu Shu Acupuncture also offers  Bully Proof,  Leadership  &  Demo Team classes.