Combative Concepts

Wu Shu Acupuncture offers Valencia Lameco Eskrima along with other combative concepts, a Filipino knife and stick fighting art in our Highland Park studio. This class incorporates real life combative concepts from other forms of martial arts containing joint locks, takedowns and submissions. You will learn boundless techniques to divert attacks coming from different directions in order to train the body to react from muscle memory.

The skill of knife fighting can be best accepted into one’s regimen with developed discipline and skill. For this reason, Kung Fu is recommended before or in conjunction with Lameco Eskrima for its essential basic techniques.

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Wu Shu Acupuncture also offers  Kung Fu  &  Tai Chi  classes.

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Lameco Eskrima


Kids - Tiny Tigers $100 $120
Kids - Young Dragons $100 $120
Students with ID $110 $130
Tai Chi (only)$100$120